Annual Saga Dawa Precept Day!

The time for our annual precept day is approaching. Those who are happy to take can come on 5th of June which is a Friday. People should be at the centre by 6.00 am

You can bring offerings like flowers and candles. Since, there is no copy of the precept at the centre or with me, please make sure that you have a copy with you since we need to recite the words of the precept.

One can have breakfast if one wishes but if one one wants to be strict, one may have only lunch. It depends on the individual’s choice of how strict one wants to observe the rules. The meal MUST be vegetarian. NO MEAT AT ALL!

Commitments: after taking the precept, one must abstain from the following for 24 hours.
1) No killing, 2)stealing, 3) sexual intercourse, 4) telling lies, 5) consumption of alcohol or intoxicants 6) sitting on high (expensive) throne,  7) untimely meal (no solid food after midday)  8) perfume, garlands and decorations (jewellery) dancing and singing.
There are eight commitments all together.
The reason why we take this precept during this holy month is, we are said to gain immense merit since it is the day when the Lord Buddha was born, passed into Pari nirvana (passing away) and achieved Enlightenment. All these above mentioned events happened on the same day. That is why it’s very meritorious. Taking precept means we are taking Bodhisattva’s vow for 24 hours. As a result whatever we do during the day, our meritorious deeds will be multiplied one hundred thousand times. Since,  we all want happiness, we need to sow the seeds of happiness by creating merit. That’s why this special day is one Occassion in a year, where we can create immense merit without much effort. Please let our relevant people know how many are coming so we can decide the numbers as we still have to keep social distancing.
Thank You!