The Buddha made great emphasis on the act of generosity. It is because there is no happiness without affluence. If we give generously to those who are in need, we create the merit to enjoy abundance in future. That is why, Buddhists practise generosity as an integral part of their Dharma practice. As it were, members of the Tashi Choeling Centre has been sponsoring monks in India for many years. There are many young girls becoming nuns both from Tibet and the Himalayan region. Most of them are coming from destitute families. We have been helping them to built homes and toilets for the nun community based in Bakhang in North Western Nepal.

The monks in the great Monasteries of Sera, Drepung and Ganden study for fifteen to twenty years for their Geshe Degrees. It takes many years of study, debate, recitation and memorisation of the holy scriptures. In our own country Tibet, the life blood of the Tibetan people that was Buddhism has all but been snuffed out. Owing to the oppression, occupation and systematic destruction of Tibet’s rich Buddhist Tradition and culture, it has become vital that Buddhists all across the world and especially those who have espoused Tibetan Buddhism have a bounden duty to support those who are carrying on the precious Dharma tradition. We have also donated to monks who have graduated from the monastery to become Geshes. They have to make an offering to the whole monk community, which can be in the thousands as a gesture of thanks. We rejoice in the fact that we made significant contribution for their Geshe Examination offerings of three monks. At the same time we have also been helping poor Tibetans in the Tibetan settlements in South India and continue to support the monks and nuns who are carrying on with their to learning to keep the flame of the holy Dharma burning. Anyone who wishes to sponsor any individual monk would be welcomed.