“Small fire, abundant heat”.

Once again a year has come to an end. As we grow older the years seem to pass quicker than they did when we were younger! Ofcourse it must be our imagination because realistically, it cannot be. The months pass as they did for millions of years and the days do the same as well. Be that as it may, the main thing is to make the year a meaningful one is what really matters.
We have been having our teachings regularly except while I was away for three months. I am happy that despite being a small group, everyone put the effort to make it to the teachings. We know that everybody is busy and have many things to do so not everyone will be able to make it every week. That is understood and no one should feel guilty or upset about it. People can come when they have the time and the enthusiasm.
The Dharma is a medicine to heal us from our mental delusions and afflictive emotions which disturb our mind and make us unhappy or frustrated. If a person is sick, they know they have to get help by going to a doctor or get some medication to get relief from the illness. It’s no good staying home and feeling miserable without trying to fix the problem. Likewise, when we have personal problems or unhappy about things that may not be going your way, come to the centre to listen to the teachings. It will help to soothe the ruffled feathers and bring about normality in ones life. The Dharma, not only impact us with its meaning but has blessings when we hear them from a qualified and respectable teacher who has carried on the lineage from their own teachers. One will notice that even if the impact doesn’t stay too long, there is a certain change of mind while we listen to the teachings. Some people keep such positive thoughts for months while others may experience only a week or just a day.
The blessings cannot be seen by the eyes nor heard by the ears but it is experienced by the people who have devotion. Without devotion, nothing really happens. Even if the teaching is genuine and the teacher is well qualified and sincere, one will not experience anything because the ingredient that is indispensable in the Dharma is missing.
There is the story of Dev Dutta who was said to be a relative of the Buddha. Owing to his lack of devotion to the Buddha, Dev Dutta saw nothing good about the Buddha and infact only saw him as a charlatan. It was not the Buddha’s fault that he was seeing as he did but Dev Dutta’s own devotion deficiency that made him see the holy Buddha in this light. Therefore, devotion to the Dharma is extremely important both for personal impact and getting a footing in Dharma practice.
We are lucky that we have a room to hold the teachings, thanks to Jane Kruger for her incredible generosity. Had it not been for her generosity, we would not be having a teaching space that we have today. So, a huge thank you to Jane for her great contribution which has enabled us to afford to rent a place for our teaching purposes.
It has been an honour to teach the little group who are committed to the teachings and who have stuck to their gun for so many years. As I often quote HH The Dalai Lama, who says to the Tibetans, “make a small fire but which is hot”. So, I have followed his advice that it is better to have a small fire which is hot rather than light multiple fires that doesn’t produce any heat. As long as there are dedicated people who are prepared to do the hard yard, that is what makes a successful Dharma group. It’s not the numbers which matters most but the dedication which matters above everything else.
Tashi Choeling will remain closed for the holidays from the 12th of December 2018 until 9th of January 2019.
Teachings will commence again for the year 2019 on January, Wednesday 9th at 7.30 pm
Until then, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Special thanks goes to all the sponsors who are sponsoring monks in Sera for many years. Your kind generosity is greatly appreciated and the monks are indebted for your generosity. A big thank you to Eveline Kotai who has been responsible to collect the money and send them to India which is no easy task. Your generosity and dedication is hugely appreciated.